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I offer a wide range of services designed to help you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. Whether it’s a sports injury or a chronic age related condition,  I am trained to create specialized, evidenced based programs to help you feel better and get back to the activities you love.  The following are a few areas in which I specialize.

Mangini physical therapy and personal training provides trigger point dry needling services

Trigger Point Dry Needling

I use dry needling as a safe non-surgical way to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and facilitate healing. Moreover, needling can be used to desensitize a sensitive nervous system and improve neurological outflow to improve strength.

Spinal Care

Spinal pain is very common with many complexities. I will assess your symptoms, history and your functional needs and we will implement a treatment approach together based on the best current medical evidence.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Services offered are based on the condition include a comprehensive evaluation and evidenced based treatment with a goal of improvement in every session.

Geriatric Management

Services offered are based on a detailed history, functional and neuromusculoskeletal exam.

Manual Therapy

The goal of manual or a “hands on” approach is to use reduce pain, improve mobility and restore balance and function to a region of the body. It prepares tissues for corrective exercise and is one of my areas of expertise.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Common conditions include spinal surgery, joint replacement surgery for knee hip and shoulder, arthroscopic surgery, ACL reconstruction, and more.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise may include a combination of targeted and specific exercise to address movement impairments and pain. They are based on a careful assessment and designed to be effective and pain free.

Pain Management

Some conditions are Inherently more complex and require special attention and management from a clinical specialist. they require a comprehensive approach and collaboration among specialists.

Specialty Services

My other services include ergonomic / workstation assessment, tele-health services, custom orthotics, sports medicine and personal training, and more.

FAQ - Cash Based Physical Therapy and Wellness

In this cash-based treatment model the physical therapist enters into a contract with the patient instead of the insurance company. In doing so, physical therapy services will be provided in a manner that both parties have determined will help the patient reach the treatment goals most efficiently in the fewest visits possible. The patient pays at the time of service allowing the therapist to focus on providing the best possible care while avoiding  excessive time on documentation and paperwork hassles on the part of both the patient and therapist.  Moreover, the fee for each session is comprehensive and there are no additional charges for treatments not covered by insurance such as dry needling etc.

My 45 minute initial evaluation is $85. I offer a 30 minute follow up session for $60 and a 45 minute expanded session for $85. Home visits and pool therapy will vary so please call for details.

Payment options include cash, check, credit card, debit card, or HSA card.

Mangini physical therapy and wellness is an out of network provider for all commercial insurance plans.  Most insurance companies, with the exception of Medicare Medicaid and some HMOs  will provide payment for services received “out of network“.

For Medicare beneficiaries:  mangini physical therapy and personal training does not have a relationship with Medicare and therefore at this time you cannot submit self claims from our office.  If you are a Medicare beneficiary and would like to ask us any additional questions Feel free to call the office at 860-309-4449.

In many cases the combination of both our experience and expertise will allow for better outcomes in-fewer visits.  In addition, our session fee is much lower than many insurance negotiated rates especially with hospital-based providers.  In addition,  eliminating billing personnel and other administrative expenses allows us to focus all our energy on patient care and providing you with an amazing experience.

The process is simple. Mangini Physical Therapy and personal training will provide you with an invoice at the time of service and you may submit that invoice and receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement. The invoice has all the necessary information and coding. You may choose to submit those for each visit or at regular intervals.